• Part 1 – Do I look depressed?

    Well, do I?

    When you think of depression, what image comes to mind?

    Do you visualize a person curled in a ball, sobbing profusely ?

    Do you imagine a teary-eyed individual, struggling to gain their composure?

    Depression is not just gauged by an individual’s outward appearance. Depression is considered a mood disorder that significantly impacts a person’s ability to function at work and in their personal life. If depression is not treated, individuals may experience inter-personal relationship issues, a higher rate of risky behaviors (to numb the pain), problems in the work-place and may become suicidal.

    Depression can be overlooked by most (layman) and symptoms often present differently.

    Here is a few examples of generic signs of depression.

    • Your co-worker who is always uptight, angry, or frustrated with their job -may be experiencing depression.
    • Your son who recently became quick to anger and is involved in disruptive activities-may be experiencing depression.
    • Your bestie who is having trouble focusing at work-may be experiencing depression.
    • Your cousin who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, expressed having trouble sleeping and doesn’t feel she can make it-may be experiencing depression.
    • Your boss, who is always on her game, but when alone cries herself to sleep at night-may be experiencing depression.

    Stay tuned for part 2.









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