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    About Angela Body

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    You are hit with a medical condition that knocks you off your feet. You question your ability to cope, care for your children, continue working, or be a good partner. You spend many sleepless nights wondering, how will I deal with this? You ask, why is this happening to me?  I understand your pain. I have learned through personal experiences and from working with patients in the medical/mental health setting that individuals facing unimaginable medical challenges often question their ability to cope with their illness.

    I am passionate about helping people heal.

    Altruism has been modeled by my parents since early childhood. I watched my parents help strangers when at times they had limited resources themselves. I have picked up the baton and expanded my knowledge base to support patients experiencing depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, isolation, poor self-esteem, marital conflict, grief and loss associated with a physical illness. I have been a care-partner to family members and have an organic understanding of the heartaches, fears, anxiety, fatigue and potential health challenges associated with care-partnering. I worked in the medical system (in various roles) for 20 + years and have provided counseling services, support and education to patients and their family members in the medical setting for 6 years. I have learned that individuals who seek out counseling have a strong sense of self and are better equipped to handle the challenges associated with a health challenges.

    In fact, persons who have partnered with me in their journey to wellness, express that they feel relieved, empowered and heard. The fear, shame and disbelief often associated with being diagnosed with a medical condition is often replaced with mental clarity and hope.


    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of California (License #67048)
    • Nephrology Social Worker, NSW-C
    • Master’s Degree in Social Work, University of Southern California
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, California State University Dominguez Hills
    • Grief and Loss Specialist
    • Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Solution Focused Therapy-Grief and Loss Specialist Training and I can apply Individualized
    • Personal Therapy to meet your needs
    • Respecting Choices Facilitator (for First & Advanced Stage Advanced Care Planning)
    • Over 20 years working in the medical system in various ancillary roles (Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, X-ray Technician, Phlebotomy &
    • Instructor at the University of California Los Angeles)
    • Health Educator
    • Vocational Education Instructor

    Member of the:

    • National Kidney Foundation
    • American Cancer Society
    • Council of Nephrology Social Workers of Greater Los Angeles, Executive Board Member